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“I can do a lot of things that I never thought I’d be able to do again.”
–Dr. Adelsheimer’s patient at 6-week check-in

Amazing Patient Recovery Just 6 Weeks After Lower Back Platelet Rich Plasma Procedure

Watch a 3 minute video where Dr. Adelsheimer, Regenexx Pittsburgh, meets with his patient just 6 weeks after his procedure. The patient demonstrates an amazing range of motion without pain. Dr. Adelsheimer performed a combination platelet procedure to treat his patients lower back.

Life-Limiting Chronic Back Pain Over After Regenerative Treatment Gets Patient Back in the Game with Little to No Down Time

Six weeks ago, Mr. Marschik came into Regenexx Pittsburgh for a combination procedure to treat his lower back. Prior to the procedure, this patient was experiencing life-limiting lower back pain. He was often spending multiple hours per day utilizing pain medication, numbing creams, and extensive physical therapy in order to get through the day and participate in his daily activities. Today, Dr. Marc Adelsheimer followed up with him to see how he’s been feeling since his procedure.

Mr. Marschik  received a combination procedure on his lower back including a platelet lysate epidural injection, platelet injections into facet joints into his lower back, and additional platelet injections in ligaments in his spine.

“I came in, you did the procedure, and from the next day on it was like everything was normal again. I had no side effects or pain,” remarked Mr. Marschik to Dr. Adelsheimer.

The patient demonstrated great mobility without discomfort: enthusiastically bending over to touch his toes, bending back with his hands reaching to the sky, squatting, and balancing on one leg at a time.

Healing from here only continues, with the average Regenexx patient reporting positive marks in back joint function, pain levels, and overall improvement up to four years afterwards. You can check out our live patient-reported outcome data here.

“I used to wake up in the morning and think, what can I do [to treat] my pain today? And now I wake up and think, what am I going to do today?”

If you find yourself where Mr. Marschik was 6 weeks ago–experiencing significant, life-limiting pain–a regenerative procedure with Regenexx might be right for you.Request an info packet by tapping the “Research nonsurgical options” image.




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